On 1st February 2023, Kayson Solicitors announced they will be supporting Haven House Children’s Hospice and that Ms Kam Patel, Principal Solicitor would be ‘braving the shave’ in Summer 2023 to help raise funds.


Our target = £30,000

Haven House is a cause we feel passionate about and proudly support because these children sadly die before their time, and Haven House provides such amazing and compassionate care for these children nearing their end of life.

Charity Events

Date Event Total raised
17th March Darts competition £300
24th March Charity fair £2,700
13th May Charity fair £3,000
Donations £12,000
Total £18,000
Surprising Turn of Events

On 1st June 2023, Kayson Solicitors received a call from Haven House informing us that an anonymous donor personally attended Haven House who handed over a letter together with a cheque for the sum of £10,000.

The anonymous donor stated in their letter as follows:

Please find enclosed a cheque tor Ten Thousand Pounds for your charity from:

[CONFIDENTIAL] Foundation.

We make this donation in recognition of the excellent fund-raising efforts made by

Ms Kam Patel of Kayson Solicitors for the children of Haven House.

We note that to raise funds for children of Haven House, Ms Kam Patel has stated

that she will “brave the shave”. We are truly impressed that Ms. Kam Patel is willing

to make such a sacrifice for the children of Haven House Children’s Hospice that;

We are donating the sum of £10,000 on the following condition

Ms. Kam Patel Does Not Shave Her Head of Hair

We agree for Haven House to use the contents of this letter to inform Ms Kam Patel

and anyone else who needs to be made aware of our condition.

We ask that our details are not disclosed and must be kept confidential

We would like to take this opportunity to say: Well done Ms. Kam Patel

We would also like to wish Haven House every continued success in providing your

excellent service through these most challenging times. Keep up the excellent work

Ms Patel accepted the offer which meant that the children would receive an additional £10,000 which will aid with the support they desperately need and make such a difference to these children and their families.

Therefore, by accepting this offer Kayson Solicitors had raised a total of £28,000 out of their target of £30,000.

On 15th June 2023, Kayson Solicitors circulated an email to all the local businesses who supported us in raising these funds announcing the incredibly generous donation of £10,000.

Later that day, we then received an email from a local business stating as follows:

Ms Patel,

[Name] has sent me a copy of your e-mail and I am happy for [confidential company] to send you the remaining £2,000 in order that you meet your target.

Whilst I obviously would have enjoyed watching the shave, I can understand your reasoning.

Let me have the bank details and I will arrange a transfer.

We are absolutely blown away by the enormous generosity of all those who donated to this amazing cause, thank you!

Kayson Solicitors will this year be supporting the Disablement Association of Barking and Dagenham (DABD) in the support and development of children (primarily with impairment, but not exclusively) by the provision of facilities and opportunities to enable greater economic, social, educational and physical mobility through personal development.

We believe that every child should have the opportunity for personal development to achieve their full potential in order to live their life as independently as possible and of their choosing.

The Fundraising Event

Kam participated in a nuclear races wild forest event on the 17 th  September 2022 to raise money for DABD. See below some of the challenges Kam faced at the event and please show your support for Kam by donating funds to DABD.

Our Fundraiser Aim

Your donation will help to buy these toys for the children at the centre

The DABD Play area

DABD are in need of a soft playground area to protect the disabled children from falling and hurting themselves. Please help us by donating.