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Civil Partnership Orders Silicitors Essex

The Civil Partnership Act of 2004 allows couples over the age of 16 to register their relationship. It’s a great option if you don’t want a traditional ceremony, and it grants couples a number of legal rights. Both forming and dissolving civil partnerships, though, are complex legal processes that require the help of an experienced solicitor. Our experience with civil partnerships can help you learn more about this trying legal hurdle.

Civil partnerships mean employment benefits, entitlement to pensions, immigration considerations, and more, but it means understanding exactly what’s required. We offer help when it comes to both formation and dissolution. We can help you learn more about the financial matters involved, pre and post partnership agreements to help protect both parties, parental responsibility, and cohabitation orders.

At Kayson Solicitors, we offer a caring approach to the process, helping you find the right solution for your life. Save the time and stress and let us help answer all of your questions. Contact us today to learn more.