Non-Molestation Orders and Occupation Order

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Non-Molestation Orders and Occupation Order

Violence and harassment are never acceptable in a relationship, and when they're involved, frustration and fear are always the result. At Kayson Solicitors, we can help to end that unpleasantness and get your life back on track with a non molestation order or an occupation order.

In cases where you've been with an emotionally or physically abusive individual, a non molestation order is the right course of action. It helps to prevent either a current partner or an ex partner from intimidating or threatening you and your children. If it's breached, it is an arrestable offence, and your ex could be imprisoned. You can even apply without your partner ever knowing you've done so.

If you're worried about your ex partner trying to live with you in the future, an occupation order is usually the best course of action, as it names the individuals who can live or return to your home. They don't change property ownership, and they typically only last six months or a year. They're ideal when you need to make housing arrangements, but you or your child's wellbeing and safety are a problem.

We'll help you make sense of both types of orders and how they can protect you. Contact us today to learn more.