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Pre and Post Nuptial Agreements Solicitors Essex

Although many people have heard of Pre and Post Nuptial Agreement there are in fact a number of agreements that married/unmarried can enter into as an alternative financial Court proceeding.

We are skilled in drafting pre-nuptial agreements, post-nuptial agreements, separations agreements, cohabitations agreements and declarations of trust.

Pre-Nuptial/Post-nuptial Agreement uses the same format as pre-nuptial agreements save that they are entered into immediately after the marriage.

Although Nuptial Agreements are not binding in this country, it has become increasingly common and, provided a number of factors have been complied, the Agreement is likely to be upheld by the Court, unless it would be inequitable to do so.

A Nuptial Agreement is specifically tailored to meet your own personal needs and requirements

Separation Agreements are also becoming very common and used by unmarried couples who either have children who need to be provided for or joint assets that neds to be dealt with. A separation agreement can also be useful if your intentions are to wait two to five years before starting the divorce proceedings.

Cohabitation Agreements are when unmarried couples want to outline their respective contributions towards the property and/or general household outgoings.

Declaration of Trust: the benefit of entering into this Agreement is useful when two people purchase a property in unequal shares and wish to record their individual contributions. Where a declaration of trust has not been entered into, the property may be held in the equal sharers. For example when the property is sold each person will receive an equal share of the equity irrespective of the initial contributions to the property. You may have verbally agreed with your partner that you will receive more of the equity when/if the property is sold, however, without something in writing setting out your respective shares you leave yourself vulnerable if the relationship breaks down and your partner changes their mind.