British Citizenship

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British Citizenship

Leave to Remain and Naturalisation

Those of you have Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK can, subject to meeting the residence requirement, apply to become a British Citizen. If you have been granted indefinite leave to remain stamped on your passport, you are eligible to apply for naturalisation (provided you have lived in the UK for five continuous years). You must demonstrate sufficient knowledge of the English language, life in the UK and be of good character.

UK Nationality

The right to British Citizenship can be obtained by Birth, Registration or Naturalisation. There are other circumstances through which a person who was not born a British Citizen can automatically become one without the need to be registered or naturalised. A simple example of this is where a child is adopted by British Citizen parents

It is a comprehensive and detailed process due to the legislation that surrounds it and it is crucial that legal advice and assistance is sought at the beginning of the process to avoid any unnecessary complications or delays.