Business Visitor Visa

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Business Visitor Visa

If you or you have staff overseas who plan to work while they are visiting the UK, you will need to make an application to the Home Office under Standard Visitor Visa.

You may be seeking to come to the UK to:

  • Attend conferences, business meetings or training courses.
  • Take a part in a specific sports related event.
  • As an artist, musician, entertainer and are performing in the UK.
  • As an academic student and undertaking research or accompanying students on a study programme.
  • As a professional (Doctor or Dentist) to take part in a clinical event or observer post.
  • Undertake the Professional and Linguistic Assessment Board test or are interested in sitting the Objective Structed Clinical Examination (OSCE).

We are here to help you and assess the appropriate way you or your employee granted leave to enter the UK. If you do not comply with the visitor requirements the Home Office has the power to ban a person from re-entering for up to 10 years.