Tier 1 Visa – Investor

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Tier 1 Visa – Investor

Investor – High net worth people who have substantial financial means to invest in the UK.

Under the investor route, you need to have at least £2 million available to you to invest in the UK into UK government bonds, shares, loan capital in trading business.

To apply for investor visa:

  • You must have held your funds in one or more regulated financial institution.
  • These funds must belong to you or your spouse/partner.
  • The funds must be freely transferable to the UK.
  • You must have a UK investment bank account.
  • You must invest your funds within 3 months from the date of your entry in to the UK.

What are the benefits of an Investor Visa

Your immediate family members can join you in the UK as your dependants.

You will be granted your visa for a period of 3 years initially which can be extended for a further 2 years period upon successful applications.

You have the choice to work, study or engage in business activity in the UK and your dependant family member will also be allowed to work, study and engage in business.

You may be eligible to settle in the UK after a qualifying period. The qualifying period is completely dependent on the level of funds you have invested.

You can apply to settle permanently in the UK after two years if you invested £10 million, after three years if you invested £5 million or five years if you invested £2 million.

Your dependent family members that came with you will need to wait five years before they are eligible for settlement.