Tier 2 Visa – Business Sponsorship Licence

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Business Sponsorship Licence (Tier 2)

A Business wishing to recruit or retain the services of non-resident skilled worker must first be granted a licence to do so by the Home Office.

Applying for the Sponsorship Licence is complicated, and documentation required will vary according to the type of organisation and which categories of worker you seek to employ.

Once you hold a Sponsorship Licence this enables you to issue Certificates of Sponsorship to a worker with the suitable qualifications or experience and these are assessed as being equivalent to National Qualifications Framework Level 6 (NQF6)

As a sponsor, you will need to prove that you understand the duties and responsibilities expected of you as a sponsor in:

  • Application Process
  • Sponsorship Management System
  • Skilled Migrants and Resident Labour Market Test

We will assist you in understanding and complying with this duties and responsibilities.