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Property Fees

Our Fees

We at Kayson Solicitors believe in price transparency to ensure you are clear as to what our costs are right from the start. If you require any services that are not listed below, please call our offices to receive a quote.

The fees required for property transaction are split into two parts:

  • Our fees
  • Disbursements.

See below for the fixed costs, divided between buying and selling a property.

Anti-money laundering checks£6 – £20
Bankruptcy search£4 
Title deeds copy£6 
Local authority searches£250-450 
Property fraud check£10 
Transferring of ownership£200 – £300 
Bank transfer fees£20 – £30 
Stamp Duty Land Tax0-12% 
Help to Buy supplement£200 – £300 
Average conveyancing feesBetween £850 and £1,500

When buying or selling a property, aside from the fixed solicitors fees there are also disbursement costs incurred by the conveyancer. These costs will cover the necessary searches that are required within your legal matter. These searches, often carried out within the local area of the property, ensures that everything will transfer normally, and there are no problems that might affect the value or safety of the property.

Disbursements Include*:

Bankruptcy Search = £2 - £4 (per person taking out the mortgage).
This search will be completed by your mortgage lender (the bank), confirming you have not been declared bankrupt.

Land Registry office copies = £4 - £8.
This confirms that the seller legally owns the property.

Electronic ID verification = £2 - £18 per person taking out the mortgage.
Your conveyancer will require proof of address and ID documentation. This verification uses national records to check the provided details.

Local Authority Searches = £100 - £200.
Local Authority searches are essential, ensuring that there are no plans by the local council that may affect your property. This cost will vary depending on the area you live in, but can give you the necessary information to negotiate any offers.

Water and Drainage Search = £30 - £40 + VAT.
This search will be carried out by the firm responsible for providing water in your area, and they will check if your property is connected to drainage, main water, and a surface water drainage.

Environmental Search = £30 - £35 + VAT.
The environmental search checks if there is any contaminated or environmentally damaging land near the property you intend to buy/sell.

Telegraphic Transfer Fee = £25 - £45 + VAT.
This charge covers the cost of your bank transferring the money used to buy the property to the seller’s conveyancing solicitor.

Mortgage Handling Fee = £60 - £80.
When a solicitor works with your mortgage provider or bank, they take care of the legal work involved in setting up the mortgage, and this is chargeable.

HMLR Final Search = £3 - £7.
The HMLR search is the final search that is carried out just before completion.

Land Registry Charge = £20 - £910.
This charge is a fixed cost and is dependent on the value of your property. See Land Registry costs below:

House ValuePostal FeeOnline Fee
Below £80,000£20£40
£80,001 - £100,000£40£80
£100,001 - £200,000£95£190
£200,001 - £500,000£135£270
£500,001 - £1,000,000£270£540
£1,000,001 and over£455£910

The table below offers a rough estimate of Solicitor fees you can expect to pay depending on the property’s value.

House ValuationAverage Legal FeeAdditional Fees

*this is not an extensive list but demonstrates some of the most common disbursements.