Property Law 


Our Fees

We at Kayson Solicitors believe in price transparency to ensure you are clear as to what our costs are right from the start. If you require any services that are not listed below, please call our offices to receive a quote.

The fees required for property transaction are split into two parts:

• Our conveyancing fees
• Disbursements

See below fixed costs for buying and selling a property.

Our legal fees (estimated)

Buying = £800 – £1400 +VAT


Selling = £750 – £1400 + VAT


For purchase prices over and above £750,000 we will confirm the fees based on the circumstances of that transaction.

Mortgage Handling Fee £150 + VAT
Searches £300 (base rate) – £450 + VAT
Anti-money laundering checks & identity verification £35 + VAT
Land Registry office copies & plan £7 + VAT
Lawyer Checker search £12 + VAT
Bank transfer fees £35 + VAT
Property fraud check £10 + VAT
Fee to deal with restriction on title register £75
Completion, SDLT return and admin fee £182 + VAT
HM Land Registry Fee Land registry fees are dependent on the purchase price. You can calculate the amount by clicking on the following link:
Stamp Duty Land Tax Stamp Duty
fees are dependent on the purchase price. You can calculate the amount by clicking on the following link:
Help to Buy supplement (if applicable) £200 – £300 + VAT

Please note that the above-stated fees are mandatory for buying and selling a property. Additional costs may arise depending on each case and your circumstances.

Fees explained:

When buying or selling a property, other than fixed solicitors fees there are also a number of disbursement costs incurred by the conveyancer.

Disbursement costs explained:


If you are buying a property, we will need to conduct local authority searches to ensure that there are no problems that may affect the value or safety of the property. Searches include drainage and environmental searches as well as a planning search to find out about any development planned for the near future and whether building regulations have been complied with. If you require a mining search, this will incur an additional cost.

Anti-money laundering checks & ID verification

These checks are legal requirements. Your conveyancer will require ID documentation such as a passport and two different proofs of address for each buyer/seller involved. This verification uses national records to check the provided details.

Land Registry office copies

If you are selling your property, you will need a copy of the Official Title which is a legal document that shows who officially owns and holds title to a property or land. The cost for leasehold official copies are higher than freehold.

Lawyer Checker fee

Lawyer Checker is a tool used by solicitors to help prevent solicitor fraud. These checks are conducted against the seller’s solicitor’s firm when purchasing a property.

If you wish to know more about our fees and disbursement costs, please do not hesitate to contact our offices on 0203 876 7136 to get a quote tailored to you.