Property Law in Waltham Abbey

Residential Property Solicitors Essex

It’s possible this is the first time you’ve ever purchased a property. Maybe you have an entire portfolio of residential property experience. No matter what your comfort level, we’re here to help. We can ensure the entire experience is easy, quick, and efficient.

Why Kayson Solicitors?

At Kayson, we understand how residential property law works. It doesn’t matter whether you’re buying or selling, the legal process involved with residential property is extensive. It means contracts must be drafted, land registry deeds have to be transferred, searches should be initiated, and more. As a specialist property lawyer, we’re ready to help you handle the sale of your home or purchase your dream home on your timeline.

Our residential property services include:

  • Sales and Purchase of Freehold and Leasehold Properties: If you own the freehold, the entire building is yours. With a leasehold, though, you just have a lease to use the home. Either way, you need a good solicitor to help you create that perfect contract.
  • Transfer of Equity: A change in ownership is a massive responsibility, and the right legal help really matters. We’ll be here, ready to listen and help, no matter why the Transfer of Equity must be made.
  • Re-Mortgaging: Tapping into your equity or finding a better deal can be the best financial decision you’ve ever made, and we’ll keep you fully informed throughout the process and ensure your application is approved!
  • Buy to Let Properties: From the initial property purchase through the tenancy agreement, we’ll help make your new life as a landlord much easier.
  • Co-ownership and Declarations of Trust: Make it easier to protect your interests as a property owner whether you own the building or just a percentage. We will create a solid declaration of trust that will keep potential disputes at bay.
  • Auction Purchases and Sales: We can review your auction pack, help identify potential issues, and work with speed throughout the process to help you meet your deadline.
  • Leasehold Extensions: If the lease has fallen below its recommended timeline, it’s time to draft an extension or make a purchase. Let us advise you on the best course of action.
  • Purchase of New Builds: New properties are fraught with contracts before a single thing ever appears on the property. We’ll help from day one to make certain your new property looks amazing.
  • Right to Buy: You could purchase your property from your Local Authority at a much lower rate than you ever imagined, and we’ll work with your Housing Association to make that happen.
  • Shared Ownership: Not quite ready to buy? Shared ownership may be the perfect choice, and we’ll not only help you learn more, but guide you throughout the process.

Don’t see exactly what you need? No worries. We offer a free consultation session. Call us today to book yours.